My integrative therapy approach

Finding the right therapist and deciding which type of therapy is best for you can feel quite daunting. My integrative therapy approach focuses on working with you as an individual by adapting different theories depending on your needs.

As a result, I prioritise building a warm, trusting and non-judgemental relationship as a foundation to allow you to feel safe and ultimately give you the courage to explore difficult thoughts, feelings and experiences.

One size doesn't fit all


I believe that no single theory or approach can treat everybody. Therefore, I have chosen to work with multiple approaches, each complimenting the other in the therapy process and working harmoniously to allow you to explore every part of your inner self.


The foundation of my practice is built upon psychodynamic theories and methods. This involves working with the unconscious, your childhood, attachment styles, and dreams.


In addition, I implemented aspects of Transactional Analysis, Solution-Focused, Gestalt and Art Therapies. They can provide further invaluable insight and help bring change.


The next level of my approach integrates CBT. It can often help challenge negative thinking, and bridge the gap between thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


Our remarkable and mysterious brains hide a lot of secrets which can reduce stigma around mental illness, and provide explanations as to why we do the things we do.

The beginning of a new era...

Some experts in the field claim that integrative therapy is the future as it fits the person and their needs, rather than vice-versa. 

Similarly to other forms of therapy, it requires that you are open to exploring your past, your fears, the challenges you’ve faced, and your hopes. But if you like the idea of a therapy which is a bit more bespoke and less rigid than other forms, then integrative therapy might just be the right choice for you.