A therapist with a twist

Portrait image of Bobbi Banks - Counsellor and Coach

Nice to meet you, I am...


A counsellor, coach and neuroscientist based in London, United Kingdom. I help people break negative patterns and beliefs, heal their inner selves, build healthy relationships and learn how to set boundaries.

My work with clients is collaborative, warm and non-judgmental. It’s us against the problem – you bring the expertise of your life and I bring my expertise based on training and professional experience.

My role in this process is to listen, understand, support and meet you where you are. Through this, I aim to create a safe and trusting relationship where you can begin to reveal and heal your true self.

1. Personal values

Keep an open mind. Always try to grow and evolve.
Be OK with making mistakes.
Uphold personal boundaries.

2. Life lesson

Ignoring uncomfortable feelings doesn’t make them go away. What we resist, persists!

3. Most proud of

Facing difficult feelings. Becoming my own person. Dealing with my people-pleasing tendencies.

4. One advice

Learn something new every day. Knowledge truly is power, so don’t stop investing in yourself.

My background and qualifications

I refer to myself as a therapist with a twist because I combine integrative therapy with neuroscience and, at times, coaching techniques. This is because I believe that no one theory or approach can suit everybody.

My journey started with an MSc in Neuroscience at King’s College London. It inspired me to learn more about the mind, which led to pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Coaching at the University of East London. I then completed Gottman’s Clinical Training in Couples Therapy.

Along the way to becoming a therapist I also did specialised Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Training, additional coaching training and advanced training in treating anxiety using neuroscience and integrative therapy.

Apart from this, I regularly contribute to articles in the press. Some of my work can be seen in Metro, The Independent, VeryWell Mind, Bustle, Dazed, and other media outlets. I also thoroughly enjoy writing for my blog in the hopes of demystify therapy and mental health. 

Lastly, in between sessions with clients and writing I run a popular Instagram channel with over 230k followers where I share daily self-help tips and tools, and hold the occasional Q&A.